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Quality Guarantee

At Enviropack we are committed to ensuring the very highest quality standards are adhered to for our customers and it is in this capacity that we have put in place very stringent Quality Assurance procedures. At every process both internally and externally we have policies and procedures in place which are continually reviewed by our quality assurance auditors to guarantee that both our products and service are consistent and more importantly are compliant with International Standards. All of our partners go through a very vigorous vendor selection process which is followed by a full quality and ethical audit that concentrates on their entire production capabilities, right from sourcing raw materials through to final product assembly. At the same time Enviropack acts in accordance with the UN backed Ethical Trading Initiative which addresses the following aspects

  • improvement of the quality of life
  • social justice and equitable conditions of trade
  • not to overtax the environment
  • husbanding of resources
  • active popular participation

These measures all ensure fair trade and child labour measures are stringently observed. This is supported by quality inspections in our trading zones, which allows us to guarantee the quality and ethical supply chain of all of our products.